Textile labels

Iron-on labels with solid attachment or handy stick-on clothing labels

Label your favorite clothing, textile or toys.

Super durable and laundry safe!

Usable for kids of all ages.
Label everything!

  On working days ordered before 14h, shipped the same day!

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  • Stick-on labels

    These labels will stick to washing instructions attached on your clothes or on another smooth surface.

    Firmly press the label on the surface and leave it for 24 hours.

    Stick-on labels

    1. Put your iron on maximum andNEVERuse steam!
    2. Put the label with text facing upwards on the desired spot.
    3. Put a piece of baking paper or a textile handkerchief over the label.
    4. Hold pressure with your iron on the label during 5-10 seconds. Slightely move your iron. The during of this depents on the heat of your iron.
    5. Let the garment cool off
    6. Finished!

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